Full directory.
Title Description
Image Repository System This project is a simple image repo implementation.
Image Generator This project uses a basic genetic algorithm to recreate an image with basic polygons.
Bob Ross VAE First attempt at machine learning. Aimed to train a model to generate Bob Ross Styled images.
Sudoku Game An attempt to create Sudoku in the browsers. Project has basic number validation implemented.
Weather Simulation A top-down JavaScript weather simulator.
Ray Casting Simulation A quick and easy ray casting simulation.
Plant Generator This project uses a recursive funtion to generate a plant / tree structure.
Physics Particle This project creates a 'particle' object that can have forces applied to it.
Particle Generator There is really no other way to describe this one...
Bubble Sort Visualization This uses my Printer.js library to implement a visual represenation of the bubble sort algorithm.
Hobo Game This was created for a school project. As per the project specification we designed this game. Due to time limits, some aspects of it are not finished.